LeptoConnect Fat Blaster Review – Is It Safe & Effective?

Heard of LeptoConnect? Check this LeptoConnect Fat Blaster Review for important details of the product.

LeptoConnect, What Is It?



LeptoConnect is a breakthrough dietary supplement that targets the main cause of obesity, Leptin Resistance.

Leptin is the hormone created in the small intestines that helps regulate the body’s energy balance by restricting hunger and in turn diminish fat storage. Leptin acts with cell receptors in the brain to signal satiety and for the brain in turn to signal to the body to stop food intake.

When there is a decreased sensitivity to leptin or what we call as “Leptin Resistance” there is an inability of the body to detect it’s satiety or that it already has excess energy stores.  Despite the presence of high levels of leptin, the body fails to detect it so it cannot signal to the brain that it is full so in turn the person keeps on eating.

LeptoConnect would like to address this issue of  Leptin Resistance. Created by Sam Hansen, LeptoConnect uses a blend of mushrooms with known medicinal properties, essential vitamins and minerals, some plants and fruits to resolve leptin resistance in the body.

Expectedly this product will prevent fat accumulation, provide energy boost, burn fat and curb appetite, primarily as an effective weight loss supplement.

Sam Hansen said, leptin resistance is a crucial factor to consider in weight loss. Because it has long been the silent cause of weight gain in many obese women. And so he believes that if the root cause of leptin resistance is addressed accordingly, a person can lose weight easier and faster.

What Is In Each LeptoConnect Capsule?

In each LeptoConnect capsule you can find these contents:

#1 The 3 Sacred Fat Blaster Mushrooms 

Known for centuries as food for the brain and body, there are the 3 Sacred Mushrooms with medicinal properties that are incorporated into the LeptoConnect formula.

Maitake or also known as the “King of Mushrooms”.  Said to contain the active “D-fraction” element that triggers the body to burn instead of storing fat. Once fiercely sought after by Japanese samurai for consumption this thought of magical food is beneficial for its MT-1 compound that can be extracted with hot water.

Shiitake a wild black mushroom believed to enhance the growth of brain tissues and known to influence its dietary receptors.  Widely found in East Asia, this edible mushroom has been found in experiments to inhibit fat storage despite the subjects being fed with high calorie diets.

Some believe that Shiitake can help ease inflammation in the body, the management of healthy cholesterol levels, weight loss and boost energy.

Reishi or also called the “supreme protector” mushroom. It is believed to support mental health and brain receptors, act to reduce stress, improve sleep and rest, prevent weight gain and  promote weight loss. It is also believed to greatly boost one’s immune system.

# 2 Graviola or Guanabana 

Also known as the Brazilian Paw-Paw or soursop, is a tree of the custard apple family which is usually grown for its large edible fruit. Its evergreen fruit is rich in antioxidants and widely believed to balance blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation. It is a key to a sexier waist.

#3. Pygeum Africanum

Also known as African Cherry, the fruit is believed to contain peculiar phytosterols which help improve leptin satiety in the body by enhancing intracellular communications. It is also believed to help prevent cholesterol absorption in the body.

#4 The 3 Enhancers

Formulated to complement and boost the Fat Blasting mechanism of the 3 Sacred Mushrooms, these 3 Enhancers have been added to LeptoConnect.

  • Red Raspberries to promote good health with its powerful antioxidants;
  • Cat’s Claw to support a robust digestive system;
  • Saw Palmetto to help in the treatment of various health problems including colds, coughs, migraine, sore throat and even prostate cancer. Also known to increase libido and ease up stress.

#5. Added Minerals and Vitamins

For optimum nutrition, these are added to each LeptoConnect capsule:  Zinc to boost immunity and help against hormonal imbalance. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) for radiant and refined skin, Vitamin E for stronger eyes and nails, Copper for bone support and Green Tea to boost metabolism and powerful antioxidant to prevent aging and cell damage.

Any Freebies?

For each order of LeptoConnect you get a Special FREE  Bonus of LeptoConnect Colon Cleanser:

The LeptoConnect Colon Cleanser 

This supplement is formulated for good digestion by effectively cleansing the colon. It is 100% natural and said to support the ability of the body to absorb the nutrients and helpful elements contained in every LeptoConnect capsule. It’s powerful ingredients include: flaxseed powder, bentonite clay, psyllium and black walnut hull.

leptoconnect review


Check out these Special Offers if you decide to Buy LeptoConnect: 

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What are the Pros?

#1 A Weight Loss or Weight Management Tool

The LeptoConnect can be used as an effective weight loss tool for those hard and stubborn fat that wouldn’t just go away despite exercise and diet. The product can also be used to prevent weight gain and maintain the weight already achieved.

Consider that this is only a weight loss or weight management supplement which means you have to keep doing your regular exercise and diet to stay fit and healthy.

#2  The Product Contain Ingredients That Aid In Weight Loss

The product has incorporated ingredients that can naturally help you if you want to lose weight. This sounds especially good. A research that appeared in the journal Molecules said that Maitake mushrooms has the ability to correct obesity and help treat other metabolic conditions.

#3 It Specifically Targets Leptin Resistance Which Causes Weight Gain

Scientific studies have seen the vital role that leptin has in weight gain in humans. It appears that obese people have high leptin levels which could mean that the brain is unable to receive proper information for it to act accordingly. And that is to trigger the burning of fat.

#4 It Has Added Benefits and Not Only Weight Loss

LeptoConnect is not only for weight loss but has been formulated to also benefit your mental and physical well being. Take for instance the presence of Shiitake mushroom that is known to boost your immunity and brain functions. Also Reishi mushroom can help you relax and sleep better. As an alternative medicine, saw palmetto is known to treat various ailments including prostate cancer. It can also boost your libido.

#5 You Get a 60-Day Guarantee

Within 60 days from your purchase of LeptoConnect you may claim your guarantee and ask for a refund.


The Cons

 #1 It May Cause Side Effects

Generally each body is unique. Although all ingredients of the product have been tested and studied well, yet there may be instances that you will get a reaction to any one of its ingredients. For this reason, it is always safe to talk to your health practitioner first before taking the product.

#2 The Product Can Help With Short Term Weight Loss

As with other weight loss supplements, it is only a tool to help you lose weight. But the long term effect or sustainability of your weight loss goals depend largely on your lifestyle and fitness perspective and culture.

If you don’t want to regain any weight you lost, you need to make a long term commitment to stay fit and healthy. Decide to create a healthy lifestyle instead of short term weight loss goals. Adapt your ways to methods that can help sustain your fitness objectives.

For example, avoid and limit high carb food and make meals and snacks with nutrient-dense foods. Engage in a regular exercise routine and if possible do weight training. Walk, jog, run or swim to variate your physical activity.

#3 You Get Free Shipping Only in the U.S.

Free Shipping is only provided for buyers in the U.S. It will take around 5-7 working days for the product to reach you. For those living outside the U.S. you can still have LeptoConnect by adding a minimal $15 for shipping.

The Bottom Line

My Real Diet Advice for you is that all diet supplements are merely tools to help you lose or manage your weight. For long term effects you need to incorporate it with a good diet plan and regular exercise.

However, if you have been dieting and exercising and yet still fail to achieve your diet goals, then by all means I would recommend a good Weight Loss Supplement like LeptoConnect. This product addresses the issue of Leptin Resistance which is the common reason of overeating and failure of the body to burn fats. This is what is needed to supplement your diet plan and regular exercise.

Losing weight needs a holistic approach and not just a short term and band aid solution. Experiment and try diet plans that will suit you best. Just remember that a good diet plan should curb your appetite and boost energy and metabolism. It should be healthy and nutritious. You may include here a weight loss supplement like LeptoConnect.

Also complement it with a good exercise routine. Why? Because, although you don’t need to do exercise to lose weight, the fact is that when you lose weight you lose both fat and muscle. You need to do some physical activity to prevent your muscle from melting.

A good exercise or even weight training can help build and strengthen your muscles and give your body a nice and sexy contour.

Weight loss is always a good and noble objective. But do not aim to only lose weight but aim to become Fit and Healthy while looking Sexy!

Aim to be more radiant and energetic and ward off future ailments with a good and healthy diet plan and lifestyle.

You can try LeptoConnect and see how it can work for your benefit. You need not worry because they got you covered. You have 60 days guarantee in case you want a refund. There’s not much to lose but there’s something that stands for you to gain and work to your advantage.

Hopefully this review has been of help. Thank you.

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LeptoConnect Fat Blaster Review






Overall Quality



  • A Weight Loss or Weight Management Tool
  • The Product Contain Ingredients That Aid In Weight Loss
  • It Specifically Targets Leptin Resistance Which Causes Weight Gain


  • It May Cause Side Effects
  • The Product Can Help With Short Term Weight Loss
  • You Get Free Shipping Only in the U.S.

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