Why Do We Crave Sugary Food? Why is it so Irresistible?

Sugary Food Cravings?  Why is it so Irresistible?


Why Do We Crave Sugary FoodWaking up to a morning sunrise with hot creamy coffee and sweet glazed donut is like waking up to a wonderful Christmas morning. For most of us, the welcome of those mouth watering crisp and delicious chocolate chip cookies every time we’re home feels like falling in love over and over again. Sugar is addictive and there’s something in it that keeps us going back for more. Consciously or unconsciously, sugary foods got us hooked.

Surely it’s more likely that you or somebody else you know can fully understand what’s being said here. The tantalizing temptations of sugary foods in pastries and wonderful delicacies has mesmerized almost everybody young and old. Sugar is not just the little sweet indulgence that we assume it is. It’s an addictive ingredient that triggers an involuntary and  compulsive behavior that one sweet bite is never enough until we can have another bite, and a few more bites after.

Many point out various reasons for these compulsive sugar cravings that have enslaved many people worldwide. Some say it’s because of intestinal parasites, mineral deficiencies, or due to pleasure-seeking brain circuits, unbalanced diet, too much salt, malnutrition, buried emotional issues, lack of sleep, stress or what they most often say as a person’s lack of self discipline.


Knowing All These Various Reasons Is Good


But the fact is that it has never solved the problem of sugar addiction or changed a person’s behaviour to counter his or her sugar cravings. If indeed these knowledge has been converted into realistic and helpful results then by all means many should have been winning medals and stars by now. But the fact remains that knowing these reasons and the inability to control one’s self from taking a bite of that so tantalizing sugary food can only create a feeling of depression and self disgust after finishing a whole bunch of that forbidden temptation.

What happens next when we try to solve this sugar addiction is that we tend to put matters into our own hands. Usually the most common solution almost everybody takes is to try to turn our sugar cravings on or off. This may work for a time when our resolve is still strong, but as soon as we relax and cheat a little bit our sugar cravings get out of hand and we’re back where we started. It all started on one of those harmless cheat days when we turn on our sugar cravings and take a quick and little bite of that so tasty choc chip muffin, blueberry cheesecake, vanilla cream pudding. We are so naive to think  that it’s that easy to turn it off only to find ourselves addicted again. Then follows the feeling of hopelessness.


Never lose hope. Initially when we decided to free ourselves from sugar dependency, we cleared up our pantry, and threw all sugar foods in the house and declared war on sugar. And we thought it would work, but sadly it did not. And we question ourselves why?  The answer is, maybe we took a wrong direction to address our sugar dependency problem. Maybe we overreacted and are not truly addressing the true cause of our addiction

Why Do We Crave Sugary Food

What am I saying here. I’m saying that we need to address the core issue of the cause of sugar dependency and not the side effect which is sugar cravings. Sugar cravings are just symptoms of the real problem, the side effect of the cause of sugar dependency. Addressing the symptom can never cure the problem. Unless the core issue of sugar addiction is addressed you are only wasting time and money on solutions that address it’s side effect sugar cravings.


You ask: So what is the core issue of sugar addiction or sugar dependency?


The answer: It is caused by what we call as Leptin Resistance. Read a thorough review on Leptin Resistance to understand this phenomenon. One effective solution to Leptin Resistance is an amazing and revolutionary product called Leptitox. It is a powerful  combination of 22 very effective all natural ingredients which reverses Leptin Resistance in your Body and its effect thereby curbing significantly your sugar cravings.


When our body becomes Leptin resistant it malfunctions and produces problematic symptoms.   Leptin resistance increases our feeling of hunger, triggers our cravings for sugary and fat laden foods.  This spells disaster for our health and well being. When diet becomes so unhealthy the body stores fat in so many unwanted areas and thereby re-shapes the body..


Stop the blame game. We could study all the reasons there are for those sugar cravings but it won’t solve the problem of sugar addiction.  We need logical, effective and drastic solutions to that sweet tooth. And that is to address Leptin Resistance. If we want real results and hope to see a better, healthier and sexier version of ourselves, we need to fix the problem – Leptin Resistance with an effective product like Leptitox.


Leptitox has been specifically designed and formulated to address the problem of Leptin resistance in the body. Formulated out of  22 meticulously selected herbs, vitamins and amino acids this breakthrough formula will resolve the main cause of Leptin resistance that’s causing those irresistible sugar cravings. This scientific and groundbreaking discovery will change the way you view diet and weight loss.


Lose not time. Try Leptitox Now!

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