Does HIIT Really Work? 1 Minute Exercise Per Day To Lose Weight?

does hiit really work

High-Intensity Interval Training or popularly known as the HIIT Exercise, is a kind of interval training and cardiovascular exercise that alternates between intense anaerobic exercise and less intense recovery periods. Depending on the participants’ fitness level, this high intensity workout  is done for 20-30 minutes or until the participant becomes too exhausted to continue.   … Read more

What is HIIT Exercise – The One Minute Weight Loss Routine?

What is HIIT Exercise

What is the HIIT Exercise? “HIIT” (High-Intensity Interval Training), also known as the “HIIE” or High-intensity Intermittent Exercise or the “SIT” (Sprint Interval Training), is a cardiovascular exercise in the form of an interval training. This form of exercise alternates intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods performed until the participant is too exhausted … Read more

Best Glute Exercises For Women You Can Do At Home

the best glute exercises for women

Exercise should not only be for losing weight. It is undeniable that women want to lose weight and shape up as well. So, other than a good weight loss regimen, women tend to compliment their program with exercises that make them feel good and look sexy, especially from behind. In order to develop that sexy, … Read more

Does Running Build Muscle? 11 Points You Need To Know


Fitness would appear to be a very effortless subject. But as more and more people regard the importance of health and fitness, this subject on “does running build muscle?”would put on a more serious tone. For example, athletes and gym goers often go to their colleagues or research online to find answers to their own … Read more