Anabolic Running Product Review – Shocking Truth Exposed!


Product Name:  Anabolic Running Program

Creator Name:  Joe LoGalbo

Rating:  4.9 Out Of Possible 5.0

Price:  $15

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A 16-Minute RUNNING Workout that can melt pounds of fat and at the same time build significant muscle in the body? Wait a minute! Could we even begin to believe this is true? Let us take a closer look at this Review.

It is called Anabolic Running! In this review we will try to see if this mind blowing claim is indeed valid and legitimate. Read on so you can decide for yourself.

Running as we all know is one of the most effective ways to build muscle, increase endurance and lose weight. But it is also a fact that many people run yet fail to achieve their weight loss objectives. They fail to develop muscle or build endurance. Could there be a correct way to run or an effective way to jog to achieve the results we wanted. These are the questions that we want answers to.

One research by the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that excessive running can actually reduce testosterone levels and make you gain weight. Try to Read: Training and Low T: Understanding the Link | Runner’s World.

The Anabolic Running method by Joe LoGalbo claims that rather than sprinting and taking excessive runs, an 18 minutes per week running workout can do wonders for weight loss and muscle build up. If found to be true then this is good news and rather amazingly helpful for health and fitness as well. But again the question comes to: Does it really Work?

Take a closer look at this downloaded program to discover if the claims are true or a shakedown. Go on and read our review so you will know for yourself if this fitness method is effective and can work for you.

Let’s begin HERE.

What Do I Get Out Of This Package?


This program gives you the following important components:

The Main Anabolic Running Program – This is the main program of the Anabolic Running System. It lays out everything there is that you want to know about the program. This program is not stand alone, and it can be effectively combined with any current workout you are engaged in. This 18 minutes exercise program claims to have been designed to burn fat, trigger weight loss and increase testosterone levels all together.

Bonus: Testosterone Hacker Handbook – The program comes also with a bonus Testosterone Hacker Handbook. This handbook teaches 41 powerful hacks that one can use to increase and boost his testosterone levels. There may be other books similar to this that you can buy, but honestly there is no need to waste money when this handbook is given for free at no additional costs. This handbook contains tutorials that are uniquely found in this handbook alone and nowhere else. What is being offered here are amazing ways to increase testosterone levels without using medical pills or supplements. That sounds good.

Bonus: Indoor Anabolic Running – Another addition that you get for free if you buy the Anabolic Running package is the Indoor Anabolic Running Program. This freebie is designed for people who are limited indoors due to conditions or locations where they find it hard to run outside their homes. Personally when I was in Ottawa to finish my Masters Degree in Fitness Science, it was almost impossible for me to go outside to do my regular workouts. But this condition did not stop me. I did my Indoor Anabolic Running in the confines of my own hotel room. (It’s not the same as running on a treadmill, but it has sets of a few bodyweight sequences that are designed to produce the results.)

Bonus: Shock and Awe Strength – Wow, this program comes fully loaded. It also comes with a Shock and Awe Strength Technique. This bonus book is designed to build dense muscles in the body by doing a short 6-minute exercise sequence. This sequence can be incorporated in a person’s daily workout routines and as one’s lifestyle permits. It’s simple and easy. While doing these exercises for the past three weeks, my girlfriend noticed that my shoulders and chest are building some muscles and are becoming bigger and stronger. It made me feel sexier at the least.

What Else Is There To Discover Inside the Anabolic Running Program?


Joe said it contains his secret! He wanted to share an amazing oil that can incredibly boost metabolism by 27%. He also told the story of how a skinny 158 pounds guy got easily dragged by a 30-minute workout. He also discussed the common mistake that most people commit when doing high-intensity workouts.

Moreover, Joe gives us an in-depth knowledge of how a youth hormone that many athletes are using is slowly destroying their bodies regardless of how old they are. What more? Inside the Anabolic Running Program, is revealed a secret 3-minute trick that by controlling the mind you get to have more power and endurance during a workout. After the workout, you can also use the 2-minute trick to improve growth hormones in the body for that incredible result.

What Is the Anabolic Running Program?


The Anabolic Running System is designed particularly for MEN. For the boys only. Inside this book is taught the secret for men to discover how to make their body burn more fat and likewise naturally increase their testosterone level in as little as 16 minutes every week.
It is explained in the program that through this 16-minute a week workout program, the body is encouraged to produce Lactic Acid. This natural chemical in the body increases during workout. The Anabolic Running Programs cause Lactic Acid in the body to reach a peculiar level called our Lactic Threshold. Once the Lactic Threshold is reached, the testosterone and growth hormones of the body is boosted.

In an experiment conducted by researchers it was found out that persons who are exposed to the lactic threshold for at least 30 seconds have increased their growth hormone by 500 percent. This would mean that the more a person stays in the lactic threshold the more beneficial it will be for him.

Something is interesting here. It is said that given the combination of increased testosterone level and “N.O.” or nitric oxide in the body, men have shown improved muscular vascularity and enhanced bedroom performance. While the Anabolic Running Program is designed specifically for men, women as well obviously get a benefit. 😉

The Anabolic Running System is safe for men between ages 30 to 60 who desire to burn excess body fat or look young and attractive with the development of optimized muscle build up. But nevertheless anybody who wants to burn fat effectively and develop well toned and strong muscles can always give this program a good try.

Who Is Joe LoGalbo? Can He Be Trusted?

Good question. First let us consider that Joe LoGalbo is Joe LoGalbo. Meaning, he is not hiding his identity behind a pen name like most weight loss program creators or authors. That’s a good sign. Now let’s check his before and after photo and we can see that he is for real and his progress is unmistakable. This may go to show that the Anabolic Running Workout could be working effectively.

In one of my many research this is what I found out:

I discovered that Joe LoGalbo is from the United States and worked as a personal trainer and organizer of large boot camps attended by hundreds of men and women from various states every year. He has also written many books on GYM workouts and fitness. Also, he is currently managing a fitness website named Live Anabolic. In this website he teaches men and women helpful techniques on how to burn fat, improve energy levels and increase muscle growth without necessarily going out to the gym.

He has much to say about running being a marathon runner himself. Joe LoGalbo used to run long miles before choosing to become a personal trainer instead. He used to compete for marathons in his locality. But despite his long experience on the track and field something baffled him. After completing his marathons, he’d experience weakness and often became dizzy. He became so skinny and was even shocked to have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels. On the recommendation of his doctor, he was advised to get into testosterone replacement therapy.

But his doctor’s advice did not suit well with him and so instead of going to testosterone replacement therapy he went on full research to learn about his condition. Then he later on discovered that there is a unique kind of running that can boost growth hormones by about 500%. He then took everything that’s needed to learn this revolutionary technique and mastered it to what is now the Anabolic Running Program.

An AFPA Sports Conditioning Specialist who works with Joe as a personal trainer has good reports about him and vouches for his credibility. With this, I could say that Joe LoGalbo knows what he is talking about.

Pros And Cons:




Proven Scientific Techniques:


When we dug into the techniques Joe mentioned in his Anabolic Running Program we discovered that there is indeed a good correlation between lactic acid and the production of testosterone in the body. It shows that when the body is able to achieve its lactic threshold there is a considerable increase in the testosterone production in the body. Naturally of course this would mean, improved and satisfying Sexual Performance for men.

The 16 minute weekly workout of the Anabolic Running Program not only enhances the testosterone production of the body but likewise increases the amount of Nitric Oxide on the bloodstream which boosts sexuality and good performance in the bedroom. As we age Nitric Oxide diminishes and so the blood flow to the organs likewise diminishes. When we allow an increase in Nitric Oxide, blood flow increases and thereby enhances the sexual drive. This technique is very helpful to anybody experiencing sexual dysfunction.


Only 16 minutes per week is needed to make the program work:


The program should be no problem at all for men who are used to working out at the GYM or at home. Why? Because the program only needs 16 minutes per week of workout. It should appear that it is more arduous to workout at the Gym than doing this program. So that should not take much time of your time to do the program.




The Anabolic Running Program is available for download for $15. That is not bad for a technique that is scientifically proven with additions of good-quality bonuses, The program appears to be very affordable and even cost way less than most weight loss programs offered online. Even on a tight budget, you can still afford the Anabolic Running Program. It’s not even an expense, it’s a good health investment.


A Digital Program:


Apparently eBooks have become more convenient for many of us. It is easy to carry in our mobile phones or tablets and can be accessed wherever we are. The Anabolic Running Program however is ONLY available for download in a digital format. This is because Joe wanted to keep the cost down to make it affordable to the most number of people who like to take advantage of its benefits. Logically speaking, you need to run your program when in a particular place like your home or hotel room and having the digital format with you should be no problem at all.


Money Back Guarantee:


Yes! A 60-days money back guarantee. No questions asked. You may claim your money back within one to two business days. Whatever your reasons are, they are completely covered.




Not For Everyone:


The program is not for everyone. It is specifically designed for men only who are at least 30 years old to at least 60 years old. Those who want to combine a powerful and effective fat burn and muscle build up.

But for those who want to stay on their usual cardio workout routines and would not want to cut it down, then skip this program because it may not be for you.


Results May Take Time:


No magic here! No sweat No gain. Do not expect overnight results for this program. You need at least three weeks in order to sense a surge and boost in your testosterone levels. As Joe had advised, you need patience and commitment to religiously follow the plan to give your body the opportunity to build strong muscles and burn fat.
Always remember health and fitness is a personal goal. Invest enough time and dedication into this program so you will achieve your desired results.


anabolic running review 2.0

Those men who want to shape up, improve muscle build-up and boost their sexuality with increased testosterone level can use the Anabolic Running Program. The 16-minutes per week workout is minimal compared to working out at the GYM but it is intense.

This is not for Women! But women can buy it for their husbands or partner if they think of having a little more excitement in the bedroom. This will not also work for men who like yoga or rigorous running.

The Anabolic Running Program by Joe LoGalbo is quite simple, but it has shown that it is effective and really works well. I tried the routines for three weeks, and the first to notice is my girlfriend. She said I looked leaner and more toned and my shoulders, arms, back looked jacked up and she thinks it’s sexy. But the best of all, other than my improved looks, I feel vibrant, energized and young. It’s just terrific! Buy the program, I highly recommend you give it a try.

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FAQ #1 – Does Anabolic Running Work For Men Over 40 Suffering From Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?


YES! The Anabolic Running Program has been specifically designed to improve testosterone levels. You should give it a try. Because while doctors would usually give you hormone replacement therapy or expensive pills or supplements, this may not work to give you long-term solutions.
The bonus Testosterone Hacker Handbook contains 41 testosterone boosting tips that you can do daily to overcome low-testosterone.


FAQ #2 –Who Can Take Benefit From This Program?


Interestingly, while this program is not for everyone as it is only specific for men, Joe has designed it to benefit everyone. Burning fat in less time and at the same time building muscle to improve your physique is healthy and sexy for your partner or wife.
But if you like to run more and spend long hours on your treadmill then skip this program. It’s not suited for you, because this program is for those who like to run less but build muscle and burn fat more. Invest only and buy this program when you have decided to cut down your time doing cardio .


FAQ #3 –Is This Program Similar To Interval Training Programs?


No! Anabolic Running has its own unique formula and techniques designed to deliver quick results. Anabolic Running 2.0 was created to get a powerful combination of the nitric oxide and lactic acid hormones to give that incredible bodybuilding potential.
With Joe’s Anabolic Running Program, you can reach the lactic ‘tipping-point’. It is that point in your workout routines that testosterone levels increase. Moreover, Joe included in the program a unique and ancient breathing technique which causes nitric oxide in the body to increase.


FAQ #4 – How Long Will It Take To See Results?


Results should be quick if the program is religiously followed. But given each individual physical peculiarities, the time to see results may vary accordingly. But with much effort and dedication in as short as 1 week to approximately 2-3 week, you should already start seeing results. First you will notice your body build up and getting strongher then follows your sex drive.


FAQ #5 – What If I Don’t See Any Results Even After A Month?


No worry. If you don’t see results, you have 60 days to claim your money back. The money back guarantee enables you to try the program for as long as you need it otherwise you may write to the author of this program and get your refund. No questions!


FAQ #6 – How Long It Will Take To Access This Program?


Instantly the moment you have access to download it. Anabolic Running Program is completely digital which means you can immediately access all files in the program. You don’t need to wait for the delivery of a book or CD to arrive. The Program comes to you with no shipping or added costs.


FAQ #7 – Will I Pay More Than Once?


Of course not! The Anabolic Running Program is for one-time payment only. After getting the program it’s all yours and you don’t need to worry to pay any extra in the very near future.

Click Here And Buy Now The Anabolic Running Program By Joe LoGalbo

Anabolic Running Product Review






Overall Quality



  • Proven Scientific Techniques:
  • Only 16 minutes per week is needed to make the program work
  • Affordable
  • A Digital Program
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Not For Everyone
  • Results May Take Time

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