Best Glute Exercises For Women You Can Do At Home

the best glute exercises for women

Best Glute Exercises For WomenExercise should not only be for losing weight. It is undeniable that women want to lose weight and shape up as well. So, other than a good weight loss regimen, women tend to compliment their program with exercises that make them feel good and look sexy, especially from behind. In order to develop that sexy, shaped up and firm butt, it is necessary that one must do the correct glute exercises designed specifically for women to do the trick. These kinds of exercises can firm, tighten and sculpt the butt to appear really fabulous and attractive. And the good news is, there are very effective targeted exercises that you can do at home to achieve these results. The Best Glute Exercises For Women.

We have to understand that in order to look attractive, it is important to have well toned and firmed up muscles. Ang being able to look your best in your clothes, it is equally significant to have firmed legs and glutes from behind. It does not only give you good body support but actually adds grace and allure when you walk. On a health wise note, when your muscles are firmed up in the legs and from behind, you get better chances of growing old with less injuries and body pain.

What you may not have known is that having your muscles well toned can actually help you lose or maintain your ideal weight. Muscles need energy to survive, so that the more muscles your body has, the more energy it needs to burn to keep itself running. Even while asleep, your muscles never stop burning. Practically, with a good and targeted exercise done correctly and consistently you develop a well toned body. And a well toned body means you’ve become a machine burning fat round the clock. Isn’t that just very good news.

When you next hit the gym or do your routine exercises at home, consider adding the following exercises to firm your glutes.

Dumbbell Lunges


This one is designed to hit your legs and glutes at the same time. It is most beneficial when pushing out from a deep lunge. Be careful that your knees do not go beyond your toes when doing the exercise.


Carefully Follow These Instructions:

  • Get a dumbbell on each of your hands.
  • Stand up straight, face front and tuck your hips.
  • Step back and take a deep lunge.
  • Hold still for a few seconds.
  • Push back to the starting position using your back leg.
  • Repeat.
  • Do the same with the other leg. Repeat again.

Killer Squats


Killer squats are known to give you a killer body. That should explain its name. This exercise, while very good at sculpting your butts, is however a little bit difficult and challenging. In fact, it’s perfectly normal if you won’t be able to finish one of these during your first try. But don’t stop and get discouraged just yet. Keep your mind on your goal to see a sexier you. Keep working on these routines as your stamina and endurance will allow you. The trick is to keep going until you see results. If necessary, you may use a chair for support.


Carefully Follow These Instructions:

  • Pick a chair or any object you can use to give you proper support (Balancing Bar, etc.,). Put it in front of you.
  • Place one of your legs on your support object and with the other leg lower your body down.
  • Slowly stand up until you’re back in your original position.
  • Repeat this routine and if possible do the same with the other leg.

Doggy Leg Kicks


This exercise is designed for maximum benefits to your glutes. If possible, stretch your legs as high as you are able and then give it a little bit more push further. It may sound hard, but that little push there can truly tone the muscles of your butt to give it that extra boost and shape.


Carefully Follow These Instructions:

  • Get down on all your fours.
  • See that your back stays straight.
  • With one of your feet, slowly raise it above towards the ceiling.
  • Keep an angle of 90-degree between your hamstring and your calf.
  • Make sure that your hips are straight and leveled.
  • If you can, raise the foot further once it’s on top if you want more intensity.
  • Slowly lower the leg, careful that it will not touch the floor.
  • The secret is keeping control while doing the exercise.
  • Switch to the other leg and repeat.


These exercises may appear backbreakers but they are actually not. You just need time to get used to it and the dedication to carry on until you get results. The big plus is that these exercises can actually be done in the confines and comfort of your homes. It can sculpt and re shape you from behind which makes it a huge must try. But of course, a good exercise always comes with a good, effective and balanced diet. With consistency, you will come out toned and firmer and before long see yourself sexy and shaped.

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