Does Atkins Diet Work? Everything You Need To Know

Does Atkins Diet Work1Diet and Exercise. These are the two most universal topics people usually talk about. The quest to have that shapely and attractive body is never ending. And in response to this quest, the health and diet industry has become replete with all kinds of diet regimens and all sorts of exercise techniques to help people achieve their diet goals. One of these is a remarkable diet technique is called the Atkins Diet. Pioneered by Dr. Robert C. Atkins, the Atkins Diet promotes that with a diet that is low on carbohydrates one can actually lose weight even without counting calories or restrictions on fats and proteins. But the question is this: Does Atkins Diet work?


While humanity has benefited from the great advancements in science and technology, undoubtedly many have likewise suffered in health and fitness due to the emergence of fast foods, preserved and processed foods and sedentary or stress filled lifestyles that came along with progress and fast paced life. Over the years we see more and more people becoming obese and overweight.


The Atkins Diet was introduced by Dr. Atkins through a best selling book in 1972. Out of his own personal experience he developed a way to effectively counter weight gain and correct improper eating habits. While on a diet he restricted his intakes of sugar and starches such as bread and pastries and instead increased his fat and protein intake. This led to an incredible breakthrough in diet and his huge success led to the development of the Atkins Diet.


Over the years the Atkins Diet has caused many to lose weight. However, due to its high fat and protein content this kind of diet has remained controversial until today.


So, how does the Atkins Diet cause you to lose weight? It’s simple. When on a low carb diet, what happens is that instead of using glucose the body would rather eat up on stored fat for fuel and energy. By this process fat in the body is slowly melted away and you lose weight. And yes, although a bit surprising, bacon and meat with fat can be eaten, but because the body burns the fat, you lose instead of gain weight. While on this diet some of the foods you’re used to eating may be restricted to allow the body to transition to your new diet program. But as you move on, you will be introduced to a more varied choice of food.


1. What Are The Foods Allowed And Not Allowed When Doing The Atkins Diet?


At the start, you are allowed to eat 20 grams of carbohydrates preferably from vegetables and no more. Protein can also be had from eggs, poultry, butter, red meat or fish. But you must restrict yourself from eating pasta, breads, fruits, nuts, seeds, and caffeine.


After progressing through the diet, additional foods rich in carbohydrates and fruits can be added. When the diet is completed the dieter can go back to her or his normal eating patterns but mindful always of the lessons and tips learned from the diet. This is important to prevent gaining back the weight already lost.


2. What Advantages Do I Get Of The Atkins Diet?


For one, Atkins Diet is economical and effective. As compared to other diets, you do not need to buy meals and packages or attend weekly diet training. All you need is to be mindful that what you eat must be within those foods allowed during the diet and to keep a discipline to restrict yourself from those foods that are not allowed. Just that simple.

3. What Disadvantages Are There Of The Atkins Diet?


Temporary bad breath and headaches. Because ketones are released in your body in the process of burning those stored fats for energy and fuel you may feel a little headache or a little smell on your breath. But this can be mitigated by increasing your water intake.


Also, because the diet is restrictive on its initial stages proper nutrition may be affected. This is normal as you are not eating some of the food groups. This can also be mitigated by taking supplements.


But one of the criticisms of this diet is its dependence on proteins and fats from animals such as red meat in order to lose weight. While this idea could not be fully discounted out, if needed be, a dieter can always get his protein from olive oil and lentils and other healthier alternatives.


On a side note, those who have particular health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure should avoid doing the Atkins Diet. If one insists on doing the Atkins Diet, better consult a dietician or medical practitioner for alternatives to animal meat as a source of fat and protein.


4. Is Exercise needed?


Exercise should always compliment a good diet program. And it’s just the same with Atkins Diet. It is recommended to have at least 30 minutes of exercise or brisk walk every day. If on a tight schedule do it at least 3 times a week, and afterwards go back to doing it again everyday..


5. What Need To Be Done Before Doing The Atkins Diet?


Doing any kind of diet should be approached with care and caution. Not all diets advertised on the TV or social media are meant for you to jump right on ahead. First go and see your doctor for clearance and assure your safety before starting the program. Have yourself evaluated and specially those with health issues because the Atkins Diet may not be suitable for you.


Atkins Diet is a great program to embark on if you want to lose weight. It is truly effective to burn fat fast. When you want to shape up a little bit to look good and feel sexy then by all means try the Atkins Diet. But as previously said, consult your doctor firsthand. Afterwards, follow the program carefully and faithfully and assuredly you will lose weight in no time at all.

Have a wonderful day!

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