Does HIIT Really Work? 1 Minute Exercise Per Day To Lose Weight?

does hiit really work

does hiit really workHigh-Intensity Interval Training or popularly known as the HIIT Exercise, is a kind of interval training and cardiovascular exercise that alternates between intense anaerobic exercise and less intense recovery periods. Depending on the participants’ fitness level, this high intensity workout  is done for 20-30 minutes or until the participant becomes too exhausted to continue.


Also known as “SIT” (Sprint Interval Training) or “HIIEHigh-intensity Intermittent Exercise, this workout regimen incorporates “anaerobic exercise”, a kind of exercise that cause glucose to be broken down without using oxygen. Simply, it means that anaerobic workouts are  more intense than an ordinary aerobics exercise. Significantly, it is used by fitness trainers to build the endurance and strength of participants while losing weight at the same time.


One Minute Weight Loss Routine


The HIIT Exercise has been dubbed by many as the 1 Minute Per Day Exercise or the One Minute Weight Loss Routine. This is because it incorporates anaerobic exercises. The significant  mechanism and  biochemistry of anaerobic exercises is in the process “glycolysis”. Significantly during glycolysis, glucose is converted to an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the body. ATP is a common source of energy and fuel for the reactions and  cellular processes of the body. This in effect causes weight loss.


During anaerobic exercise  the body produces and builds-up Lactic acid at a significant rate. When lactic acid is built up it could reach the “lactate threshold” or “anaerobic threshold”.  When the lactic threshold is breached muscle fatigue is experienced and there is a lessening of muscle strength. Many exercise trainers use anaerobic exercise to build endurance, muscle strength and power.


How To Do The HIIT Exercise


With HIIT exercise regimens, participants can gain an  enhanced physical and athletic strength and capability.  Metabolism of glucose in the body is likewise improved. There are also studies that have shown that HIIT workouts produced a considerable reduction in the whole-body fat mass levels of participants.


The most common HIIT regimens would usually consist of:


#1 Warm Up Period 


Routine slow paced exercises to warm up, flex muscles and prepare the body for high intensity workout.


#2 High Intensity 1 Minute Anaerobic Exercise


Depending on the physical fitness and cardiovascular strength of the trainee or participant, this phase of exercise is seriously high intensity done for a short period. For best results and if your body is up to it, do 1 Minute High Intensity Anaerobic Exercise.  This phase of the exercise is repeated after an interval of medium intensity exercise for 2-3 or more Cycles.


This is the core concept why this kind of exercise is called the 1 Minute Weight Loss Routine.  For a very short period of high intensity anaerobic workout, the body’s metabolic process increases significantly thus burning fat fast for weight loss. And not only that, it can also help develop strength, endurance and build muscle for the body.


#3 Recovery Period (Interval)


At intervals of High Intensity Anaerobic Exercises the sprinter goes into medium intensity recovery exercises. Recovery exercises can be moderate as jogging or slow as walking.

After the recovery period, the participant goes back to High Intensity Anaerobic Exercise for 2-3 or more Cycles before cooling down. Each regimen can last from 20-30 minutes of repetitive intervals of high intensity and medium intensity workouts. .


#4 Cool Down

does hiit really work


After the repetitive cycles of high-intensity and recovery periods, it is important to transition the body to cool down. Allow the heart rate to go back to normal and the body to recover.


The HIIT exercise really does not have a specific formula that you can follow. Much emphasis is made to determine the general cardiovascular strength and physical aptitude of the participant. A trainee of average or well developed cardiovascular strength can have a 2:1 ratio of anaerobic exercise and recovery periods. This can be repeated for 2-3 cycles or more depending on when the participants feel they could not continue on.


Does HIIT Exercise Really Work?


Check these  before and after pictures published in “Reader’s Digest”, of people doing HIIT work-outs ( Some participants said that

they have toned down while others said they looked like new.

Most of these participants have followed HIIT exercise regimens religiously, which accounts for the results they had. For example, some joined boot camps, which is known to really deliver results. While others joined fitness group sessions which did medicine ball slams and walking lunges, which are great for tipping the scale.


Another popular HIIT exercise routine is the suicide run. In this routine you run the fastest you can for a fixed period of time. It’s more like what you doin the school gym  racing to a drawn line farther away and touching the line before racing back to where you first started.




Doing HIIT exercise routines should be seriously approached. This is because too much of a good thing can actually harm you. Always remember that when you do high intensity anaerobic exercise you breach the lactic threshold. This means there will be a significant production of lactic acid which could make your muscle fatigued and lose strength temporarily.


Aside from too much build up of  lactic acid, which causes muscle soreness, you can also put your body into fight or flight mode or release too much cortisol, which could harm instead of help you.  For this reason, check with your doctor first before doing HIIT workouts and ask the help of an exercise trainer to avoid injury to yourself. Also experts suggest at the maximum do HIIT high intensity exercise for only  30-40 minutes every week. Allow enough time for your body to recover and build endurance.



Bear in mind that another critical factor to obtaining the best results when doing the HIIT, is the actual recovery time. HIIT involves high intensity workout and you should not overdo it. Allow time for the body to recover, because this is an important part of this exercise routine.


There are those who want to do the 1 minute weight loss routine for 30 times in just 1 session with medium intensity intervals. This is intense, and should not be repeated within the same week.  For starters do fewer cycles until your body becomes more adjusted to your new exercise routine. For those who want to do the 1 minute weight loss routines every day of the week, experts recommend to leave 1 day each week to relax the body. There’s really no hard and fast rule in doing HIIT except that one should not overdose on this high intensity workout regimen in the same week. Just don’t forget to warm up and cool down before and after each workout.


For your own safety and to achieve the best results, ask a trainer to help you, or get a class, or a boot camp to give yourself a good start. You might also need  a Polar A370 watch that has an H10 chest strap to keep track of your heart rate. Lastly take a snapshot of your  before and after photos so you know where you’re heading.


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