15 Minute Weight Loss Review – Does it Truly Work?

15 Minute Weight Loss. Does it Truly Work?

Check this 15 Minute Weight Loss Review.

What is Physical Fitness and Weight Loss?

Physical Fitness and Weight Loss are actually very closely related to each other. When we begin to understand the importance of fitness and weight loss to our quality of life, we leave the old paradigm of losing weight just for the sake of it, and begin a new journey to fitness and health that becomes a lifestyle instead of a short term temporary life quest.

In the context of attaining excellent physical fitness losing excess weight is oftentimes essential. Being physically fit and being overweight are two things that never meet. If we are overweight then it necessarily means that we are unfit. Having that health and well-being to be able to perform necessary physical activities related to our daily chores, occupations or sports means we have to be fit. And being fit means we are not overweight,  eat proper nutrition, do some moderate-vigorous exercise and take sufficient sleep and rest.

Does this mean carrying some extra weight is hopeless?

The good news is that being overweight is not a dead end. If one wants to lose those extra pounds, there is hope and there are ways to do it safely and effectively. Some programs you can even do effortlessly. And if you’re up to it, read on.

Weight loss means a reduction of the total body mass or weight of a person which is often measured in kilograms or pounds. When a person loses weight it means he is losing fluids, adipose tissue or what we call “body fat” or lean mass which include muscles, bone minerals, tendons or connective tissues. When weight loss is made intentionally, it is called “slimming”.

Slimming is the main treatment for obesity. It naturally occurs when we make conscious efforts to improve our health and physical fitness. Slimming changes our appearance and makes us look and feel sexier. Losing excess weight reduces many health risks and increases our fitness and delays the onset of diabetes. In fact it can actually arrest the progression of pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes. It can help reduce the pain in people with osteoarthritis and allows them more room for movement. Also it can help reduce hypertension or high blood pressure.

Normally we lose weight when we consume fewer calories than what we have expended. Meal replacements, and healthy low-calorie diet interventions can produce meaningful weight loss. Those who are able to achieve and manage an ideal weight are able to do so by being extra careful to eat just the right amount of calories for their needs and combine this with  regular exercise routines or with just being physically active.

We have to understand that an excellent weight management program is not just a short term temporary goal, but rather it involves a permanent  lifestyle change. And anybody can do it. Yes, you too can!


A word of caution.  Despite having a good diet plan and doing regular exercises, there are a few things that you need to be aware of which can affect your weight loss or management goals. Depression, stress and boredom have been known culprits of weight gain. Lack of sleep, rest and mental clarity or tranquility oftentimes cause you to overeat jeopardising your weight loss goals. When experiencing these things, it’s important to seek professional help or if you can still manage it, seek the aid of some method to help you relax, get proper rest and sleep. In 2010 a study showed that dieters who were made to get a full night’s sleep actually lost twice than their counterparts who were sleep-deprived.

This time, let’s take time to REVIEW one weight loss method that uses hypnotherapy to induce rest and relaxation to the mind and allegedly trigger weight loss to the body. Let’s see if it really works. It’s the “15 Minute Weight Loss”

So, What Is This “15 Minute Weight Loss”?

Hypnotherapist, Anthony Swailes, is the creator of the “15 Minute Weight Loss”. It is composed of compiled audio tracks with each track 15 minutes long. The tracks use subliminal messages and Cymatics  targeted to relax the mind and influence your subconscious to trigger weight loss.

Swailes used to be a soccer player who later  studied hypnotherapy in the Academy of Hypnotic Science. He used his knowledge to help soccer players improve their performance. Later in life, he shifted his hypnotic abilities to people seeking to lose weight. This is what is called the “Hypnotic Weight Loss.”

15 Minute Weight Loss Review


3 Basic Rules of “Hypnotic Weight Loss”

This Hypnotic Weight Loss strategy has 3 Basic Rules:

Rule #1: 

The Subconscious Mind Dictates Weight Loss.

Swailes said that Neuroscience and Physiology, has long shown the important part that the “unconscious nervous system”  or sometimes called the “autonomic nervous system” plays in hormone and metabolism regulation.  He uses his knowledge on this aspect to trigger weight loss in a person while listening to his audio tracks.

Rule #2: 

The Brain Waves Must Be In Sync. 

Swailes said that in order to lose weight through the process of hypnosis, the brain must shift into the theta state. Now, it is hard and difficult  to get access into the theta brain waves.  In fact, only those who have practiced meditation for a long time get the chance to enter into this extreme peaceful state. So what Swailes has done is use Cymatics or visible sound and vibration to help the participant get into the theta state despite not having been practicing intense meditation for a long time.

Rule #3: 

Don’t Stop Until Permanent Results Are Achieved.

Perseverance. That is what Anthony Swailes said. Usually, a person’s subconscious mind is stubborn. Getting 1 or 2 sessions with a hypnotherapist cannot yield any promising result.  So he designed a way to remedy this and make the mind become still and obedient in just 3 weeks by listening to his audio tracks.

This “Hypnotic Weight Loss” program is done for 15 minutes each session thus the name “15 Minute Weight Loss”.

Since basically the program is one in the nature of meditation while listening to the audio tracks, it cannot be done together with exercise or dieting. I can form an addition to your overall lifestyle change if you still want to diet and exercise.

Any Free Bonuses to the “15 Minute Weight Loss”

Yes, there are free bonuses. Check this out:

#1  “Deep Sleep Now” 

A 15-minute subliminal audio track to help you fall  fast asleep. You can listen to it at bedtime  to help you doze off and wake up energized the next morning.

#2  “Look Great at Any Weight” 

Designed to help you instantly become more charismatic and attractive, this audio track is said to boost your morale and self-esteem  while trying to lose the excess pounds.

#3 “Look Younger Now”

Your stress buster subliminal audio track.  It is said that by listening to the subliminal recording, your subconscious mind is conditioned to eliminate stress-related causes for premature aging. You’re supposed to emerge more peaceful and young looking with this free bonus.

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Pros and Cons


There Are Studies That Give Credit To Hypnotherapy

For Weight Loss

Studies have shown the potential of hypnotherapy to effect weight loss. In fact as mentioned previously, a person that is able to get his or her full night’s sleep can actually lose weight better than those who are disturbed or without enough sleep.

In a study printed in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, sixty people who were obese  were subjected 3 weight management intervention for  a period of 3 months. The results pointed out that of the 3 groups those who were on the “hypnotherapy stress management: were the only ones who steadily lost weight, as compared to their counterparts in the other 2 groups doing hypnotherapy for reducing calorie intake and dietary advice.

A similar study printed in the Journal of Clinical Psychology involving 109 persons who underwent behavioral treatment for weight management revealed that those who underwent hypnotherapy experienced a steady weight loss as compared to their counterpart who did not.

Easy and Effortless

For those who are still struggling with diet and exercise, although it’s still the best remedy against obesity, you can actually get the help of the “15 Minute Weight Loss” program.  It’s easy and effortless. It helps you relax, de-stress and achieve tranquility while your burning fats as well. Sounds great, but  then do not make this a license to eat as much as you can and become unhealthy and unfit. Continue your diet and exercise efforts. Do not forget that you are forging a new lifestyle of health and fitness and not a just a momentary and temporary weight loss stint.

It’s Just For 15 Minutes

And Do It Wherever You Want To

That is surely a relatively short time to become fit. There should be no more reason for you not to be able to do it. And, you can do it wherever you are. At home or traveling for business or pleasure or vacation with family. You only need 15 minutes of your time to do the program.

It Is Affordable

If you compare the “15 Minute Weight Loss”  it is way cheaper than getting a one-on-one session with a hypnotherapist or joining hypnotherapy group. This should be easy on your pocket.  An average hypnotherapy can cost you between $75 and $125 per session, says the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists. Anthony Swailes’s “15 Minute Weight Loss” program  costs less than $50.

Any Refund Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 60 day refund guarantee. Try the 15 Minute Weight Loss program and if you don’t experience results, claim your guarantee and ask for a full refund.

So, if you want to try this product, there is nothing much to lose really. You can always ask for a refund and have your money back if you’re not satisfied.


There Is No Guarantee That You’ll Lose Much Weight

As with any other weight loss program, regimen or plan, people will react to each one differently. Some will lose fast and much weight while others do so in  a longer period of time. What this product can guarantee is that you lose weight. As to how much and how long depends on your own bodily responses. Also, how you take your diet and do your exercise if you do want to continue it, will also significantly determine your results.

With this program it is important that you do it as instructed. Do it 15 minutes daily for 21 days at the least before you can start to weigh its efficacy. Consistency is a key if you want to experience great results.

You Do The Program On Your Own

Although you can always contact them for support, you will have to do the program on your own. Anthony Swailes isn’t on your side like a personal trainer to guide you and keep you on track. Inspire yourself whenever you become frustrated and cheer yourself up whenever you feel unmotivated. Keep in mind the sexy you every time you give it your efforts for after all you are the one to benefit from it all.

If you feel the need to, just try to email Anthony Swailes or his support team for encouragement, answers or directions when you become oblivious in whatever stage you are in. The important thing with whatever you’re doing is to never, ever give up.

It’s In A Digital Format

After your payment is processed you can quickly access the “15 Minute Weight Loss” and download it to a compatible device. This should be convenient for you because you can do it anywhere you are and use it immediately if you want to. But if you want a hard copy, you might need to find a printer which can be a hassle.

Final Thoughts

My Real Diet Advice for you: You can try the “15 Minute Weight Loss” if you feel like doing it since it has a refund guarantee anyhow. It should not be much of a loss. Although they could not promise much weight loss, there are studies that showed that hypnotherapy can effectively cause you to lose weight. Basically the science that this program banks on is putting your mind to calm and relaxation to trigger your body to burn more calories and fats so you lose weight.

In my personal research I found a study that showed that people who were able to get their full night’s rest and sleep lost weight steadily than those who did not. This could be a basis for trying the “15 Minute Weight Loss”.  But then again, it’s ultimately your own choice because you know your body better and you are the perfect judge of what is good for yourself.

Whether you buy the “15 Minute Weight Loss” program or not, just do not forget the importance of diet and exercise to your overall physical fitness and well being. And even if you do buy the “15 Minute Weight Loss”, do not stop eating healthy and moderately and doing exercise. Eating healthy and doing the “15 Minute Weight Loss” will help you lose weight. Doing the exercise will tone your body and give your strength and endurance. These 3 are the best for your physical health and fitness.

But on the other hand, if  your time, patience, current lifestyle or some physical condition makes it hard for you to diet or exercise regularly then by all means go for the “15 Minute Weight Loss” program. It is easy, effortless and can be one anytime and anywhere. It’s better to have this one than none at all. Or if you don’t like it, you can always seek another program to help you.

Always remember that Health and Fitness must always be our top priority. And losing weight is closely integral to our Physical Fitness and Well-Being. Being fit and sexy is self rewarding. You will look great and prevent the onset of  certain illnesses as well.

Hopefully this write up has been helpful. Smile and always strive to be fit, healthy and sexy.

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15 Minute Weight Loss Review






Overall Quality



  • There Are Studies That Give Credit To Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss
  • Easy and Effortless
  • It’s Just For 15 Minutes


  • There Is No Guarantee That You’ll Lose Much Weight
  • You Do The Program On Your Own
  • It’s In A Digital Format

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