The 3 Health Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet

Health Benefits Of Ketogenic DietKETO! Keto! Keto! It’s the new buzzword that most dieters are now using to lose weight and burn unwanted fat. The new diet formula that is gaining so much popularity lately, is a high fat and low carbohydrates diet. And although gaining much renown, has been downplayed and disliked by the many, major “food-pyramid” and “eat-your-whole-grain” advocates of the medical mainstream industry. But the fact remains that the Keto Diet is quite successful in becoming the better alternative to effective weight loss programs and a potential source of healing for many physical ailments and conditions. It’s time we find out what’s the real score here. Let know the facts and fiction about the Ketogenic Diet and the benefits it offers.


Benefit #1: Weight Loss


Basically this is the very reason why most dieters opt for the Keto Diet. It is to lose weight fast and burn fat. But we ask. What is in Keto Diet that makes it so effective in Weight Loss? These are the following reasons:


  • The Ketogenic Diet is basically high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Approximately it should be made of 75% fat, 20 % protein, and at least 5% or less carbohydrates. This high fat composition in the Keto Diet and less sugar is designed to curtail food cravings and eliminate blood sugar fluctuations and binges and in turn enhance the feeling of fullness. When there is a greater feeling of fullness then it means we are inclined to eat less. Also, for people who are more sensitive to grains even if it is labeled to be gluten-free, keeping these foods from one’s diet could enhance the body’s capability to absorb minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Being able to absorb these minerals can help the body become nourished thereby lowering food cravings.


  • Ketosis. When glucose in the blood is not sufficient, it puts the body in a metabolic state called Ketosis. The body then turns to its energy storehouses called glycogen for energy. Usually a glycogen repository has around 2000 calories as stored energy to replenish whenever the body is short of sugar. So when glucose runs low, the body expends these glycogen storehouses and uses the body’s ketones and stored fats as fuel. This in the end causes you to lose weight.


IMPORTANT: It is essential to know that the Ketogenic Diet is not an eat-all-you-can and all-you want meal plan. Eating much more calories than what the body needs will not help you lose weight. But you can have a lot of cheese or grab those super fat bomb treats that are low in carbohydrates.The trick here is for you to keep your meals high in fat and low in carbohydrates. You can indulge in those high fat meats, choose those that come from grass fed animals. Or eat a lot of butter and eggs, lots of green vegetables and avocados, cruciferous, but go slow on keto sweets and deserts as well as dairy.

Benefit #2: Good Brain Functions


  • The Ketogenic Diet was originally introduced in the early 20th century by Dr. Russell Wilder specifically for the treatment of epilepsy. It was phenomenal and became so successful that even until today it is continuously used as treatment for certain brain disorders and epilepsy. Researchers found that ketones are better sources of energy than glucose.


  • In correlation, we can see that Keto Diet is very much effective in giving good brain functions. This is a good alternative solution against a poorly functioning brain that often gives a domino effect of poor productivity, unsatisfactory job performance, disgruntled boss, poor self esteem and sense of self worth, depression, sugar cravings and overall poor health.

Benefit #3: A Promising Cancer Cure



Hopefully this article has helped in giving you useful information on how to lose weight effectively. The Ketogenic Diet has proven to be an effective solution to weight loss. It’s scientific and it works.

Although it has shown promising results on certain serious physical ailments, the fact is that by it self it can already boost your brain functions and when you start losing weight certain ailments that go with obesity likewise diminishes and so you emerge to be healthier and sexier.

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