Shocking Health Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet Exposed!

Health Benefits Of The Ketogenic DietWhen hearing about the health benefits of the ketogenic diet , the thing that most probably will come to mind is what benefits if there are any could come out from this. Well, you will be surprised to know that there are actually many helpful and effective benefits that Ketogenic Diet can give.

Keto Diet, what is it?


The Ketogenic Diet is a diet program primarily composed of food choices that are high in fat, low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein. The Keto Diet works by reducing the intake of foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar and replacing it with foods rich in fat. By dramatically reducing the carbohydrates in the diet, the body enters into a metabolic state called “ketosis”.

Ketosis is the process whereby instead of glycogen sugar, the body starts to use stored fat as energy to fuel its bodily processes. When glucose is depleted and there is less intake of sugar or carbohydrates, the body is left without a choice but to utilize it’s stored fats. The liver then effectively converts stored fat to ketones which the body in turn uses as the alternative energy source. This incredible process causes you to lose weight quickly.


7 Advantages Of The Ketogenic Diet


In contrast to other diet programs the Ketogenic Diet is not only an effective weight loss solution but gives many more advantages that dieters can also take advantage of. They are as follows:

#1 Effectively Lose Weight Fast


The Ketogenic Diet is primarily for weight loss. Proven and effective, it works to trigger the body to use its stored fats in a metabolic state. Importantly, ketones are used during metabolism which naturally burns fats and makes you lose weight. It’s amazing to know how this incredible process works:

When you feed the body less carbohydrates, it goes into a state called “ketosis”. When this occurs the levels of glucose and insulin in the body drops. When this happens, the body starts to appropriate as fuel the energy generated by the fat cells. Immediately the fat cells release large amounts of water, causing evident weight loss to the body. On this occasion the fat cells are now enabled to enter the bloodstream towards the liver. The liver in turn converts them into ketones to fuel energy expenditures. For as long as you stay within your allowable caloric requirement then assuredly you will lose weight effectively and quickly.


#2 Stops Food Cravings


When carbohydrates is drastically reduced in your diet you will discover that food cravings are lessened dramatically. Many of those who are on the Ketogenic Diet prefer to eat only during mealtimes and are often able to avoid eating in between. It becomes easier to fast or avoid overeating for the reason that food cravings are effectively controlled.


#3 Improved Brain Functions


A diet that is rich in carbohydrates often leads to lessened mental alertness due to inconsistent supply of glucose in the body which normally affects brain functions. The irregular rise and fall of sugar in the body makes it harder for the brain to focus. This can be avoided when you are on a Ketogenic Diet. In a Keto Diet the source of energy in ketones are more regular and stable. You become more focused and metally alert.


#4 More Active and Energetic


A Ketogenic Diet can assure you a more active and energetic lifestyle. This is because it can tap into the fats stored in the body giving it a stable source of energy. Unlike regular diets that starve your body or put it on edge for lack of sufficient energy source, the Keto Diet gives you a steady supply of energy all throughout the day. In the end, you feel active and always energetic.


#5 Helps Counter Diatetes


Patients of Type II Diabetes suffer from high insulin levels. The Ketogenic Diet eliminates excessive sugar in the diet and this could avert Type II Diabetes and stabilize HbA1c counts.


#6 Improved Good Cholesterol Levels


In a Keto Diet the triglyceride levels in the body drop while HDL cholesterols increases. These HDL cholesterols effectively rids the body of its bad cholesterol thus improving one’s health.


#7 Stabillize’s Blood Pressure


Interestingly, when you are on a Ketogenic Diet, blood pressure levels normalize. High blood pressure drops to normal and this sounds great. In fact many Keto Dieters report to have stopped taking their blood pressure medications for good.

The Ketogenic Diet is a life changing diet program. It effectively makes you lose weight, trims you down and in the process makes you healthier. All these benefits are things you really need and the Keto Diet is a real must try. Don’t waste a minute and start your program now.

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