Keto Diet Health Benefits Explained Simply 2020

keto diet health benefitsGaining much popularity in the health and diet industry is the Ketogenic Diet. There are many articles and videos about various meal plans and techniques of the Keto Diet including countless menus and food preparations. But the most commonly asked question is: What are the keto diet health benefits can provide?


The Ketogenic Diet, What Is It?


Many have known about the Atkins diet. It is a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. The Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet on the other hand maintains rather a low carb diet with moderate amounts of protein and a significant amount of fat in the diet. Usually a Keto Meal or Menu would give you 75% fat, with only 20% protein and a very minimal amount of only 5% carbohydrates. Do not be surprised! Studies have shown that eating a high fat diet can still be healthy for you. Besides, a common Keto meal plan or suggestion includes meats, seafoods, eggs, dairy products, nuts and vegetables. Because of its growing renown lately, there are now many Keto recipes available, especially online.


How Do I Lose Weight with a Keto Diet?


Many are discombobulated. How can a diet filled with fat cause one to lose weight. It’s simple! The carbohydrates that we eat are broken down by the body into blood sugars commonly known as glucose. Glucose is then used as fuel for the body’s physiological needs. When we eat too much carbohydrates it would mean more sugar is broken down as glucose and when more glucose sneaks into our bloodstream, more insulin is released and the body now stores these as fats. In short, as we eat even more carbohydrates or sugary foods, the fatter we become.


When we shift to a Ketogenic Diet, the spike in insulin brought by a high carbohydrate diet is diminished. When this is done at a steady pace, no additional fat is added and those that are already stored are quickly being used as energy which obviously results in a significant weight loss. When a diet is low in carbohydrates and high in fats such as a Ketogenic Diet, the body gets into a metabolic state whereby fats that are stored are broken down into ketones. These ketones are used by the body as energy. The less carbohydrates you eat the more that the body digs into your stored fat to produce ketones for fuel and energy. This dramatically causes you to lose weight.


“Keto” is the term for “Ketogenic” that refers to the ability of our body producing ketones. Ketones are like glucose which is being used by the body as fuel or energy to keep it functioning. The incredible advantage of the body using ketones in a high fat diet instead of glucose in a carb rich diet, is that it keeps the body working without additionally storing fat. This obviously prevents weight gain and burns fat for weight loss.


Effective Weight Loss Program


The Ketogenic Diet is the best and most effective way to burn fat and lose those excess weight. Studies have shown that eating less carbohydrates can actually suppress appetite. In fact many Keto dieters have reported to have eaten fewer calories while doing the program. And this is not far out, because when the body burns fat fast we also lose weight fast.


Insulin and Blood Sugar Levels are Decreased


Significantly, blood sugar levels are decreased and insulin spikes are easily prevented when doing a Keto Diet. This is very important to dieters with Type II Diabetes. Type II Diabetes patients are cautious of the glucose buildup in their bloodstream. This is easily avoided when doing a Keto Diet. There are even dieters who have reported to have reduced the frequency of their insulin injections while on a Ketogenic Diet.


Significant Reduction of Triglycerides in the Bloodstream


It is a fact that when the level of triglycerides circulating in the bloodstream is high, a person is susceptible to heart problems with a greater risk of stroke and developing heart ailments. Being on a Ketogenic Diet significantly reduces your risk of developing heart disease as studies have shown that when on this diet, triglycerides molecules in the bloodstream decreases.


Improves the Good Cholesterol in the Body


Doing the Keto Diet undoubtedly reduced the LDL or “Bad” Cholesterol levels while increasing the HDL or “Good” Cholesterol levels in the body. This should be happy news for our health and wellness. Because a high concentration of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream causes our blood arteries to narrow down making it difficult for blood to pass. This we have to avoid because it can lead to a kind of heart disease called atherosclerosis.


This kind of disease is lifestyle related and this means it can be prevented if we want to and that is if we change our eating styles and habits. We have to realize that we are in control of our body and our health and wellness always starts with us.




The Ketogenic Diet is not only for Weight Loss but for its many Health Benefits as well. Doing a diet high in fat, low in carbohydrates with moderate protein when you stay within your daily caloric requirement is highly effective. And this is what Keto Diet is going to do for you. Starting a Keto Diet means you have to start with a good Keto Diet Plan. An effective Ketogenic Diet Program that can be customized to your own personal preference, lifestyle and time. A good Keto Diet Program should offer you a variety of meal preferences and menus to choose from. It should have a daily meal plan with alternative recipes to suit personal likes and dislikes and a window to still be able to eat your favorite fast food meals and restaurant dishes.


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