More Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits Revealed!

Ketogenic Diet Health BenefitsThe Keto Diet is a high fat, low carbohydrates and moderate protein diet. Unlike other diets, it is mainly anchored on the idea of decreasing glycogen in the body When glycogen levels are low, the body is directed to use its stored fat as energy. It’s amazing to know how Keto Diet works. It’s simple and it is even simpler to understand how this kind of diet can quickly trigger weight loss.


In a high fat and low carbohydrate diet such as a Ketogenic Diet, the body enters into what we call as the metabolic state. In a metabolic state the liver produces a great number of ketones. Ketones are an alternative source of fuel and energy for the brain. When we eat less sugary and starchy foods which are converted to glucose, the body instead of using glucose uses ketones.


You could never mistake the Keto Diet! It’s gained so much popularity lately that social media is full of before and after photos of people gaining much advantage from this kind of diet. But for your benefit, here are some of the ketogenic diet health benefits we can give you:


# Lose Weight Effectively


It’s sometimes mind boggling how a high fat diet causes you to lose weight. It would appear revolutionary from the old concepts of diet and weight loss. But researchers have conclusively found out that having a high fat diet can actually cause you to burn fat at a rate faster than a diet full of starches and sugars. This is due to the fact that with a low carbohydrate diet such as the Ketogenic Diet, the body produces leser insulin which as a result causes excess water to be excreted out of the body.


What is even more interesting is that when the body is in a metabolic state and ketosis is occurring, there is found a significant decrease in hunger pangs. When the body is feeding quite well on stored fat for fuel it is sending lesser signals to the brain to eat. This is far-reaching if we talk about attaining our daily caloric specifications.


When the body is satiated and feel full and fed, we tend to eat less. When this is coupled by that fact that stored fat is being used effectively as energy, we lose weight. It’s that simple and easy. And not only do we lose weight, the Keto Diet also effectively contours the body as a low carbohydrate diet can significantly reduce visceral fat which is normally deposited in the abdominal area.


# Mental Alertness


Studies have shown that ketones produced from a mainly low carbohydrates diet are actually more useful energy sources than glucose. Moreover, people who are suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases but are on a Keto Diet have surprisingly shown dramatic increases in mental alertness which indicate an active improvement against impairment of cognitive functions.


It is essential to know that a Ketogenic Diet, which is high in fat composition can actually aid in the balance of essential Omega 6s and Omega 3s which is highly important in the efficient functioning of the brain. Ketosis can also improve the production of mitochondria and adenosine triphosphate in the memory cells of the brain thereby advancing cognitive accuracy and mental alertness.


# Abatement of the Risks of Chronic Disease


A Keto Diet can actually help boost our body’s immune system from various health conditions. It reduces inflammation. And while the functions of the mitochondria is improved, when on a Keto Diet, it lessens the risk of having many chronic diseases. For example, cancer cells are known to have anomalous mitochondria. In order to survive, it needs a good amount of glycogen. When in a Ketogenic Diet, ketosis can actually starve cancer cells because of its malfunctioning mitochondria. But the normal cells remain unaffected because it is well fed.


# Enhanced Blood Pressure Levels


When blood pressure increases beyond normal, this is something that should not be taken for granted of. An increased blood pressure is correlative to various diseases and in fact leads as the primary cause of many deaths around the globe. A low carbohydrate diet such as a Ketogenic Diet is known to be more effective than a low fat diet in maintaining a normal blood pressure. Some dieters reported that the Keto Diet almost has the same effect as taking their pills. Weight loss and improved heart health and cardiovascular functions is surely a great advantage that Keto Diet can give.


Experts in nutrition science have repeatedly said that the Ketogenic Diet has a significant impact on a person’s overall health and physiological functions. It does not only trigger significant weight loss, but studies have shown that this kind of dieting has greatly changed the lives of many. With discipline, the rewards and benefits come easy with Keto Diet. The Keto Diet is a real must try.


Do not be afraid to try, there are many Keto Diet Programs available for you to choose from. But always choose something that is sensitive to your unique needs and can be customized to your own preferences and lifestyle. It should be able to give you a daily Keto diet plan, complete with Keto menus and recipes to choose from. Also it should provide meal alternatives in case you have a personal dislike of the food suggested in the daily menu. And most of all, the good Keto Diet Program should have an inclusion of your favorite fast food or menu in your favorite restaurant.


Dieting should not be boring and too restrictive that rubs your joy away. It should be simple and easy to follow in order to give the dieter a greater chance to complete his or her program. Try a Keto Diet now!

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